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Biara, the stud

Cattle have always been part of life at Biara with Lloyd operating a dairy as a young fellow in Northampton and milking cows at Biara for his young family. Beef cattle were introduced in the 60’s with Angus, Hereford and a few AIS cows. Santa’s happened by accident when we bought some more AIS cows in 1971 that happened to be in calf to Santa bulls. The resulting progeny surpassed our expectations so a commercial Santa bull was purchased in 1972. So impressed we were that we decided to form a stud and purchased classified bulls from Orleans Farm and Biara Santa Gertrudis Stud was registered in 1976.

Grading up was a slow process so cows were purchased from Mt Ty in Queensland, Orlean Farms, Koorabup, Bahloo and Gundamain studs. In the early years bulls were purchased from Orleans farms and since have they finished, bulls were sourced from Rosevale, Gyranda, Yarrawonga Waco, Eidsvold Station, Wave Hill and Greenup Studs in Queensland. Bulls that have influenced the direction of Biara have been Yarrawonga Hempstead (P), Eisdvold Stn T104, Wave Hill Nymagee, Rosevale Rippon (P), Rosevale Action (P), Rosevale Cobb n Co (P).

Our breeding objectives have always been to produce a moderate size animal with good doing ability, lots of muscle, fertile and good early growth but are capable to grow onto steers if need be. This has enabled Biara cattle to fit into all markets, export, local or Jap ox market. These objectives have not changed in the 40 years of breeding. Heifers are expected to calve as 2 yr olds. Our cows are run as a commercial operation and are expected to calve every year. Polled cattle have been important to us so since 2009 and since then we have used only polled bulls in our herd and are hopeful of reaching 90% poll in the future Bull calves are weaned onto stubble in Jan/Feb then grazed onto green oats in July to October. They are finished on grain late Feb/March to be ready for our sale in early April selling as 20-23 month bulls.

EBVs have been used extensively in our herd and over the last few years and we have come to trust these figures in selecting replacements along with our strict visual assessment for structural soundness, fertility and doing ability.

This is a no frills operation and enables our cattle to do well wherever they go, whether it be into the hot Pastoral Pilbara, Gascoyne, Goldfield regions or cooler south west or local markets.