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Gyranda Proverb P678 (PP)

Gyranda Proverb (PP) was purchased for $16000 in 2019. He is a very dark, slick coated bull, although he is not a big bull, he has tremendous thickness and width with a very neat sheath and from a sire and grand sire line that is well known for ease of calving. We think he will fit into our markets in the West, homozygous polled, early maturing, moderate frame and explosive early growth and sire appeal.

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Rosevale Ontario P604 (PP)

Rosevale Ontario (PP) appealed to us for his very correct structure, homozygous poll, docile nature, sire appeal, neat sheath, softness and moderate frame. Even though his figures are a little behind we feel certain he will make an impact in our quest to add more doing ability, quietness and softness into our herd.

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Rowenlea Atomic A02 (P)

Thickset, dark sleek coated, good sheathed bull that we have admired for some time.

Rosevale Jethro (P)

A bull that gives us fertility and temperament plus ,and still has a body and finishing ability to enhance the herd for years to come.

Rosevale Maverick M102 (P)

A son of Jethro (P) who has DTC ebv of -19.3 in top 1% so potentially one of the most fertile bulls going around in a package that every herd should have. Polled, sheath improver, moderate frame, quiet, slick coat, good muscle, good fat cover, morphology of 95% and is a thick compact bull that will meet most markets.

Rosevale Cobb n Co C364 (P)

Purchased at the Rosevale sale 2008 for $17000 Cobb N Co is a very dark, extremely well muscled polled bull with large testes. His weight & SS EBV’s place him in the top 1% for the breed but still comes in an early maturing thick set package. We feel Cobb N Co can be put over any type of female to produce a thick polled, tropical animal for us.

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Greenup Doo Hickey D136 (PS)

Doo Hickey is a very dark sleek coated poll scured bull purchased from the Greenup stud in 09. His thickness and squareness are what impressed us along with a clean sheath, bullet proof temperament and finishing ability. He is an early maturing bull weighing 730 kg at 18 months we are confident he can pack that beef on any animal he produces.

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Rosevale Bandanna F216(P)

Rosevale Bandanna is a sheath improving bull with large testes, adequate muscling with good finishing ability. He is very quiet and with his free movement he is a calf getting machine. His calves are mostly polled ,have great stretch and display good breed character.

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Biara 8102 (P)

8102 was used over commercial hfrs then injured himself but has fully recovered and grown into a massive bull as his figures suggest. He has great fleshing with the ability to lay down fat and is a very good doer. His calves are impressing us with their growth, coat type, softness and mostly polled.

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Rosevale Crackerjack F334 (P)

Rosevale Crackerjack provides us with a complete package. Muscle, very correct, good constitution, quiet, good coat type, finishing ability and good sheath. His calves will be in the 2015 sale and are looking soft and well muscled.

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Gyranda H464 (P)

Gyranda H464 (P) was purchased in 2013 and will be an outcross for our herd. He is a poll bull with a very good sheath and tremendously slick coat, large testes and is a very mobile and easy mover. Has been used over heifers this year and next, and we are confident he will be a big contributor to our herd

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Gyranda Kenny K592 (P)

Gyranda Kenny (P) was purchased in 2015 for $13000. He is the bull we were hoping to find, moderate frame, very thick and wide, very good sheath & testes, good slick coat and very quiet.

As Kenny will not be used here until July 2016 he has been left at Gyranda to mate their A-1 cows until Xmas, an indication of the regard they have of him. He is the bull we feel we can put over any cow we have to get a worthwhile progeny that fits our criteria.

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Wightfields Downpour G21 (P)

We have purchased semen from Downpour so can expect calves May 2016 from our AI program. Downpour fits into our criteria as he is a soft thick,muscly polled bull with good sheath and quiet temperament.

He sired Rosevales top price bull at their 2015 annual sale at $70000. We were impressed with the consistancy he is throwing and are excited to see his progeny.

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Wilgaroon Dunkirk D522 (P)

Another sire we have used in our AI program is Dunkirk is sired by Wave Hill Major (P) out of a prolific Murrumbo Cow. He is an extremely quiet, good sheathed poll bull who has lots of muscle very fertile and finishing ability. How could we not use this bull.

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Rosevale Monty M 482 (PP)

Rosevale Monty (PP) was purchased in 2017 for $42000 and is a PP bull meaning 98% of his progeny will be polled, a trait we were looking for, alongside of 85% morphology semen and a perfect sheath. Monty is a slightly later maturing bull as his figures suggest but comes in a package that suits us, dark red colour and shiny coat ,lots of breed character ,perfect feet and legs, and is very thick with the ability to finish or to lay down fat. It Was nerve wracking to spend that sort of money but we are fully confident that he is the bull to take us to a consistent high level we want to be at.

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Greenup Mandate M330 (P)

Greenup Mandate (P) Purchased for $13500 in 2017 is a son of Dangerfield Tycoon (P),a bull with tremendous constitution, temperament and muscle and we feel he has passed it onto Mandate. His sheath is a little larger than we like but it comes with looseness all over (breed character) that we think will enhance our herd if we mate him to our extreme navelled cows plus having perfect feet, lots of muscle, doing ability and 85% morphology he will be at home in the Biara herd.

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Rosevale Nautical N20 (PP)

Nautical was purchased for $34000 in 2018 from Rosevale to upgrade our sire battery to (PP) bulls. He is a very deceptively heavy bull, very well balanced, soft, very quiet, dark red , with a sheath to improve any herd and is a bull who is always fat ,ie is a very good doing bull as evidenced by his fat figures.. All this in a moderate frame with EBV’s to back up his raw data and very good fertility data. Looking forward to progeny from this impressive tropical young sire.

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Gyranda Newton N202 (PP)

Gyranda Newton was purchased in partnership with the Rosevale stud and will do season every 6 months on both sides the country. Newton is a very heavy well, muscled (PP) bull who is very quiet ,dark red in colour, very correct confirmation. He has a combination of muscle, fats, DTC of -9.1 (fertility) and 96% morphology, that we don’t see very often in our travels so we couldn’t let the opportunity go to purchase this (PP) bull.

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Future Sires

Rosevale Majestic M176 (P)

A son of Jackeroo (P) that gives us a clean coated,clean sheathed,quiet, well muscled,thick animal that has huge growth figures.

Rosevale Jackaroo J566 (P)

Rosevale Jackaroo is one of the most sought after sires, in Australia at the moment. We have used him this year for AI and have 15 embryo’s from an ET program with our best cows. Calves are on the ground and they have not disappointed us.


Biara has embarked upon a programme to supply the market with a black bull that has some Bos Indicus characteristics. We propose to keep these animals at 50% Santa Gertrudis and 50% Angus. To get to this point we purchased 15 females from Moordalup Stud and use our own stud Santa bulls. The resulting male progeny you can see here today.

Our aim is to breed animals that combine the best qualities of both the Santa and Angus breeds- namely carcase, marbling, market acceptability from the Angus and slick coat, weight gain and structural soundness from the Santa Gertrudis.

If we can get some of these attributes in some of the cattle, we will feel that we are on the right track.